It seems that personality tests only continue to grow in popularity, from those fun Buzzfeed quizzes that match readers to characters from the latest TV show or more introspective tests that provide valuable insight into personal motivations.  I came across an interesting post recently that seemed along similar lines, but from the perspective of investing.  According to the post by Riskalyze, there are four general groups of investors based upon their propensity for risk.  Not only are the categories helpful for gauging where you, an investor, may lie, but they are also helpful for the financial advisor, as knowing an investor’s willingness to take risk allows for more finely-tuned advice.

Soon we hope to publish a page on our website that allows you to find your risk number for yourself, but for now, check out the Riskalyze post and do some introspection of your own.  Also, if you are curious about digging deeper into the personality testing phenomenon, may we recommend an especially enlightening one — the Enneagram.  Learn more about this fascinating method that explores your core motivations for behavior and take the brief test here.