Personality tests continue to grow in popularity.  These tests include everything from fun Buzzfeed quizzes that match readers to characters from a hit TV show, to more thoughtful tests that examine core motivations.  Recently, I came across an interesting post along similar lines from the perspective of investing.  According to the post by Riskalyze, there are four types of investors based on their willingness to take risk.  These categories are helpful for assessing where you fall as an investor, but they are also helpful for the financial advisor.  Knowing an investor’s propensity for risk allows for more customized advice.

Soon, we hope to publish a page on our website that allows you to find your risk number for yourself.  Until then, check out the Riskalyze post and see if you can figure out your investor personality type using their helpful graphic.  If you want to explore the personality testing phenomenon, we recommend the Enneagram.  Learn more about this method that explores your motivations for behavior and take the brief test here.

While you’re at it, here’s another post about risk that considers more than just risk tolerance.