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As an independent investment firm, our mission is to educate, assist and advise you, our client, in your financial journeys and then deliver the implementation of our best strategies, decreasing your anxieties and hassles, while providing a pleasant and reassuring experience. We desire to know you, your personal circumstances, goals and dreams, so we can help you be proactive and equipped in your financial decisions. We understand the uncertainties of life, those unknown blessings and disappointments that often creep into your financial decisions, so we take the time to understand you. Whether just starting or even after many years of investing, at Strategence Capital, your portfolio will be designed for you, to work with you and to help prepare you for every stage of your life.

  • Strategy – While this should be a foregone conclusion, it often takes second place to organizational considerations, like which box do you fit in, or worse, compensation considerations, like how much can the advisor get paid for using a certain product.
  • Intellectual Integrity – We believe it’s not only important to have an outlook for what might happen in financial markets and with financial plans, but our idea of intellectual integrity is that we’re constantly challenging our beliefs.
  • Diligence – Not only do we construct portfolios and plans but we monitor the portfolios and the progress of the plans.

Our #1 goal for each of our clients is helping you achieve financial independence. We realize that this process doesn’t come from just one area. We know that you need personalized professional planning, sound risk management, proper diversification and effective investment products all bound in a friendly, personal and efficient package. Through our relationship with LPL financial, the largest independent broker/dealer in America*, we enjoy access to valuable tools, technology and resources that combined with our knowledge of your particular situations and objectives significantly enhance your financial strategies and choices. We welcome and desire to work with you, to walk with you through your life journey.